The Suicide Diaries

by cancerous world

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The suicide diaries is the creation of one mans life coming undone,
with no hope for life, yet no allowance for death.

Cancerous world is a manifisation through self loathing, depression and a constant battle with mental health.

i don't give a fuck if you dislike or like this, i have made this music to keep myself alive and felt is necessary to publish this work for others to hear and feel.

Live, Love, Create

Thank you for your time



released December 25, 2018

Music - Dominic Bass
Artwork - Folsom Street cult
Sound moulding- Leon Buckmaster


all rights reserved



Cancerous World Brighton, UK

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Track Name: 13 Years Of Torment And Misery
Cold dull ache and still i wake
13 years go by still struggling to survive
for whom cursed me with this plague
forever bleak wishing to fade away

Kill me

Lord of this earth I’ve had enough
I’m ready to die with no hope to survive
this bitter coldness has been my death
no soul no rest just feeling possessed

Embalm my body
Release my soul
show me the path
that nature foretold
Track Name: The Devils Blues
I met the devil
he didn’t welcome me in
he said my lifes too full of sin
I said hold open that door
I promise to absorb all your knowledge and greed
just let me in

I’m not done yet I’m not done here

why won’t you let me die
I’ve tried to live but i cannot
I’ve severed my wrists, ate all the pills
but I’m still here
just let me end my life
just let me come in
i promise we can hang out
true bond of necromantic sin

ill tell you what we’ll make a deal
lets slaughter all of mankind
I’m tired of the shit and greed
that life stands by

ill be the martyr for all you too see
we will waste all of humanity
then ill live alone humble and stoned
full of love and prosperity
Track Name: DEATH/ROLL
Left to rot on my own
I’m sick of mankind
these wrists are bleeding
this blood is so pleasing

tell me why you don’t love me
tell me what have i done
these pills taste sweet
as death rolls on

ill fucking kill you
so you’ll never be alone
ohh darling baby
you stole my home

i can’t take this torment
i can’t take this pressure
i must stop the aching
i must stop the pain
hand me a fucking knife hand me a fucking blade
Track Name: The Suicide Diaries (Acoustic)
Why am i alive
Why did i survive
I’m sick of this existence
I’ve lost all drive
run down from life
with no reality in my brain
who dares keep me here
is this just a sick twisted game
why the fuck am i alive
i hold no pride
I’ve tried 3 times now
all i want to do is die

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